Ouke no Monshou


Ouke no Monshou
Other Name : 尼罗河的女儿; 王家の紋章; คําสาปฟาโรห์; 왕가의 문장; Con Gái Sông Nile; Crest of the Royal Family; Cute Mary; Daughter of the Nile; Nữ Hoàng Ai Cập; Royal Emblem; The Royal Hieroglyph; Uruwashi no Mari-san!
Language: English – Tiếng Anh
Carol, who is interested in Egyptology, was studying in Cairo. When her mentor discovered the tomb of a young pharaoh, a curse was put on the excavation team and Carol. The curse sent her back in time to ancient Egypt, where she became embroiled in the affairs of Egypt and other ancient countries. She then met Memphis, a handsome young pharaoh whose tomb she excavated in modern times. Carol, due to her exotic looks and ability to tell the future, became a major player in ancient history.

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